Formula for running a very successful hotel by David Falor

  1. Every staff member whether they are line staff or management should clearly know what success is, in writing for their position, prior to being hired. By doing the success key results in writing it enables management to focus and identify what type persons and skill set they are looking for in each position and the potential new associate will know exactly what is expected of them to be successful in their new position. The net result of this process is you will greatly reduce hiring mistakes and costly turnover as potential new hires will realize whether they can be successful in this new position David falor  or not before being hired and management is better able to reduce mistakes in hiring. David Falor
  1. Hiring the right persons increases substantially the guest experience and reduces guest complaints when team members consistently perform their jobs better. The net result is much lower guest turnover and reduces marketing cost in having to replace dissatisfied guest and gaining new guest from word of mouth and social media who share their positive experiences at your hotel.


  1. Every new hire should have a coach /mentor from their department who can answer the many questions that all new associates have when starting a new job and may be not be comfortable in asking their manager. These coaches should be the best in their position and paid extra for mentoring and guiding their new team members. Management will recognize and honor these coaches as key team members. David Falor
  1. By defining success you will save time and money hiring the correct persons for each position and the new team member can manage themselves knowing what they have to do to succeed in their new David falor  position. When you evaluate a team members results both you and your associate can clearly see what that member has and has not done in their key result areas and you can work together to enable them to be successful. If the associate chooses not to correct their result areas it will be   David falor  by there choice and not the result of not knowing what success is in their position.